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Hindi Movies Free Download Site

The Hindi-language film industry is one of the largest film producers in the world. It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and is often referred to as Bollywood even though the Hindi film industry includes additional producers less well known than Bollywood, therefore the term “Bollywood” is not all inclusive to the Hindi film industry.

The total Indian film industry includes several regional film industries sorted by language. Bollywood is the largest film producer in Hindi movies and in India and it is also one of the largest film producers in the world. While the films from the Hindi movie industry typically are in Hindi-languages, there has been an increasing amount of films made in Indian English in dialogue and songs and it has also become more common for the Hindi films to feature dialogue with English words, phrases and even complete sentences and entire conversations in English.

“Bollywood” is a word that is derived from a mix of Bombay and Hollywood, which is the capital of the American Film Industry. However, Bollywood is not an actual physical place.

India actually surpassed America in film production back in the 1970′s. India is the largest film producing country on the planet. India has a long and colorful history in film making starting with their first silent feature film back in 1913 to the 1930′s when they were producing over 200 films per year. The period of the late 1940′s to the 196’0′s was considered to be the “Golden Age” of Hindi cinema and some of the most critically acclaimed Hindi films of all time came out of this period.

The growth and popularity of Hindi films has skyrocketed since the advent of the 2000′s. The past 10 years has brought on unparalleled growth for the industry perhaps due to the advent of the Internet and the ability to download these wonderful films.

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